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Explore Karratha

Econo Lodge Karratha is located just a short drive to Karratha's shops, restaurants, golf course, leisure and aquatic centre, sporting fields, parks and panoramic lookouts. Further out, discover incredible national parks brimming with untouched beauty, heritage trails, Indigenous history and unspoilt beaches, gorges and waterfalls in this unique, 2.5 billion year old landscape.



Taking its name from the local Indigenous word meaning ‘good country’, Karratha is the youngest and fastest growing town in the Pilbara. Located 1,535 kilometres north of Perth on the North West Coastal Highway, it is situated right in the heart of the Central Pilbara Coast.

Karratha was established in 1960s due to the tremendous growth of the iron ore industry. Today, it is a busy, modern and well-serviced town and a great base for exploring Millstream-Chichester National Park, Karijini National Park and the 42 islands of the Dampier Archipelago.

Walk the Jaburara Heritage Trail and discover Indigenous rock engravings and artefacts. Head for Hearson’s Cove for a swim and catch the ‘Stairway to the Moon’ from May to October. Or take a picnic to Miaree Pool and go for a refreshing dip.



The Pilbara region in Western Australia has some of the world’s most ancient natural landscapes, dating back two billion years and stretching over 400,000 square kilometres.

Deep rocky canyons lead to peaceful plunge pools in the beautiful Karijini National Park. Hundreds of islands with dazzling white beaches and untouched coral gardens are yours to explore on the Dampier Archipelago and Mackerel Islands. And yet the Pilbara is also known as the engine room of Australia - home to a massive mining industry in crude oil, salt, natural gas and iron ore.



Taking its name from one of WA’s early pastoral stations, from which the land was resumed, Karratha is an Aboriginal word meaning “good country” or “soft earth”. For many centuries, the region has been home to Aboriginal communities, and the nearby Burrup Peninsula features the world’s most prolific Aboriginal rock engraving sites, with over 10,000 identified examples. Please be aware that these are sacred sites, some of which are not open to the public. Contact the Karratha Visitor Centre for information about visiting local Aboriginal rock art sites. Visit Australia's North West for more information and travel inspiration.



Real-time Karratha forecasts:


Season Average Maximum
Temperature (°C)
Average Minimum
Temperature (°C)
Average Rainfall (mm)
December 35.8 25.5 14.2
January 36.0 26.7 47.2
February 35.8 26.7 74.2
March 36.1 25.9 48.0
April 34.3 22.7 17.2
May 30.0 18.3 29.0
June 26.5 15.1 36.1
July 26.2 13.8 14.7
August 28.3 14.3 4.3
September 30.8 16.9 1.3
October 34.1 20.8 0.5
November 35.0 23.1 1.4


So what are the best things to see and do?

Karratha is a small town that connects the vast desert terrain of WA's north-west with its rich coastal waters. This makes for an ideal home base for any adventurer wanting to experience what this region has to offer. Whilst mining in the Pilbara Region is a major contributor to the prosperity of not only the region but the entire state, there are many rewards that await the tourist who really wants to make the most of their stay in Karratha.


  • The Burrup Peninsula - Home to the most prolific collection of Aboriginal rock paintings in Western Australia


  • Strelley Pool - Some of the oldest fossils ever discovered are located here. Some have been dated over 3.4 billion years old


  • The Montebello Islands - A vibrant marine sanctuary for hundreds of species including humpback whales and vast coral gardens


  • Millstream-Chichester National Park - A popular tourist attraction for all who holiday in Karratha where steep gorges and large freshwater rock pools produce picturesque scenery


  • Karajini National Park - Walk the mighty gorges of Karijini National Park to discover hidden waterfalls and swim in clear cool rock pools


  • Jaburara Aboriginal Heritage Walk Trail - This self-guided trail offers spectacular views, and an insight in to the indigenous population of the area - the Jaburara Tribe. Experience Aboriginal culture by taking a walk along the trail, which features a number of fascinating petroglyphs, middens and artifacts


  • Relax and enjoy a game at the town’s golf or bowling clubs, or a colourful sunset and panoramic views at some of the area's lookouts


  • Unwind and take in the beauty of the Staircase to the Moon at Hearson’s Cove, just 25 minutes from Karratha. This natural phenomenon is caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting on the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide


  • Join in the fun and games at the FeNaCIng Festival, held in the first weekend in August. The name comes from the chemical symbols of the region’s three main production and export commodities: Iron Ore (Fe), Salt (NaCI) and Natural Gas (NG- not strictly correct but it makes the name work). The Festival is of such importance to the local community the Monday is a Local Government gazetted public holiday


These spectacular attractions are just some of many within the region. Econo Lodge Karratha invites you to experience your holiday in Karratha with us, and discover the real Australia.


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Things to do in Karratha


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